Retractable Hurricane Screens

People spend hours cleaning out their homes and moving furniture when they are in the path or impacted by a hurricane.  Retractable Hurricane Screens allow people to leave their furniture as it is, knowing that they are protected. Our motorized hurricane screens use the same material as used in ballistic body armor, which is made of aramid fibers and polyester fibers. For strength, our hurricane screens are similar to aluminum roll shutters. However, unlike aluminum shutters they don’t block light so you can still see through them. The screens can also double as shadescreens to block the harsh sunlight. These screens offer year-round protection, rain or shine.


Our hurricane screens have been certified by Miami-Dade, the State of Florida and are suitable for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones. Our fabric roll shutters outperform metal roll shutters. They last longer, are stronger, and can withstand more damage than any other.


Our hurricane screens are made from the most durable, custom-engineered components available. Each unit is tested and held to the highest standards using the most stringent methods for hurricane protection.


Our screens are made to fit perfectly into any structure and resist even the strongest wind loads. Our  screens are made exactly as required, unlike other inferior options. Our screens are the strongest and most customizable on the market.


Our screens don’t require you to alter the patio’s atmosphere to protect it. Our screens are easy to integrate with your patio and can be deployed at a moment’s notice. We developed a system that is invisible to the naked eye after working closely with architects and builders on new construction projects.


When you can optimize, there’s no reason to compromise. Retractable Hurricane screens can be combined with any of our shade, weather screen to create a single system. Each screen can be operated independently, giving you the ability to choose what you need when you need it.



Thread Selection: Only as Strong as the Weakest Link

Thread is the most important aspect of any marine, awning, drop screen or shade sail project as it has to endure the harsh Florida sun day in and day out for many, many years. Too many times, canvas shops opt to cut costs by utilizing a sub-par thread only to have the project needing to be re-stitched after only a few years. With today’s fabrics engineered to last up to 10 years, the choice is clear: Use a thread that is guaranteed to last in writing. SolarFix® PTFE thread will not lose any significant strength due to UV or chemical exposure, unlike conventional polyester, nylon and cotton products. See below for a 5-year comparison chart. SolarFix® is the thread of choice for all of our canvas covers, biminis, dodgers, roll-up curtains, shade sails and awnings.

thread selection

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