Hurricane Fabric is a resin-coated hybrid material that provides unmatched hurricane protection. It has almost twice the burst force of its closest competitor. Hurricane Fabric provides “full-envelope” protection for your commercial or residential property against hurricane force winds. It also prevents rapid pressurization. Roof lift-off can be caused by rapid pressure. Hurricane Fabric is lightweight at just over one ounce per square yard, making it one of easiest to manage.


AstroGuard Hurrcane Protection system was designed with the future in mind. We were also attempting to create the most secure system in the world today. The clip design allows for replacement screens and new advancements to the system. Our system’s most expensive component, aside from the fabric, is the clip, wall anchoring system and labor to install it. AstroGuard’s Patented Clip System can be easily opened to receive a replacement screen if one is ever damaged. The other hurricane fabric manufacturer systems must be completely reinstalled. Pretty smart.


AstroGuard is a high-strength nylon hybrid fabric with high-tenacity and UV resistance. This results in a hurricane protection system that is resistant to wind, water and flying debris above the Category 5 hurricane level. AstroGuard has a burst strength well above 1,500 lbs. and easily surpasses metal panels, roll-downs, accordions and other hurricane fabrics made from a see-through material.


AstroGuard hurricane fabric represents a major leap in hurricane protection screens. Its burst strength allows it to stop impacts even when under wind loads. The system of AstroGuard can stop large missiles and impacts even when the hurricane screens are full of wind, especially on corners. AstroGuard is quick and easy to deploy in storms. It weighs only ounces per square mile. It can also be folded up into its own storage bags and takes up very little space in an attic or storage unit. It will be a thing of the past! AstroGuard is unique in that we are available 24/7 to help you with your hurricane protection needs. Don’t make your home look shabby with unattractive hurricane protection systems.


AstroGuard has many advantages that may make it seem prohibitive. AstroGuard’s superior product tech is complemented by superior manufacturing technology, making it affordable. AstroGuard is more expensive and stronger than other fabrics, but we can still deliver it to customers at a lower price.


AstroGuard weighs only 11 ounces per square meter and is easy to use. AstroGuard is essential if you have ever lifted plywood or metal panels. AstroGuard customers have a tendency to deploy hurricane protection when there is a storm. This is contrary to what many neighbors with traditional shutters are doing. It is more risky to have hurricane protection than risking damage from neighbors who still use old-fashioned hurricane shutters. This is a huge statement. Full Envelope Protection In a hurricane, the most severe damage occurs when a door or window is broken, which causes pressurization. The roof can be ripped off by this pressurization. Full envelope protection is a way to prevent this. AstroGuard offers full envelope protection. It covers all openings that are vulnerable, including windows, doors and garages. AstroGuard prevents pressurization even if the glass is broken. It deflects the wind and keeps it from breaking.


AstroGuard is more flexible than any other hurricane protection and stops flying debris and projectiles better. When impacted solid hurricane shutters may fail. In many cases, they are too damaged or badly damaged to be repaired. AstroGuard will stop debris from entering your home and keep it there until you have complete protection. AstroGuard is suitable for both residential and business use. View our Photo Gallery to see installations.


Many insurance companies now require homeowners to have hurricane protection. This protects homeowners against storm damage and reduces insurance company claims. AstroGuard is fully approved and recognized by major insurance companies like Chubb, Citizens (Florida), Fireman’s Fund and many more.


AstroGuard will not leave you in the dark. AstroGuard’s transparent nature allows light to enter through its deployment over windows, doors, and lanais. You can say goodbye to traditional hurricane shutters.


AstroGuard has been approved by the Florida Building Code #15208. It has also been approved for Miami-Dade NOA #12-1004.02. 10-YEAR

Thread Selection: Only as Strong as the Weakest Link

Thread is the most important aspect of any marine, awning, drop screen or shade sail project as it has to endure the harsh Florida sun day in and day out for many, many years. Too many times, canvas shops opt to cut costs by utilizing a sub-par thread only to have the project needing to be re-stitched after only a few years. With today’s fabrics engineered to last up to 10 years, the choice is clear: Use a thread that is guaranteed to last in writing. SolarFix® PTFE thread will not lose any significant strength due to UV or chemical exposure, unlike conventional polyester, nylon and cotton products. See below for a 5-year comparison chart. SolarFix® is the thread of choice for all of our canvas covers, biminis, dodgers, roll-up curtains, shade sails and awnings.

thread selection

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